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Talking Machines (2013)

This was the first official released Studio album. Written and produced between July and September 2013. Some Tracks like Swiss Made (2005) and Didnīt you know (2010) where made earlier and released with Talking Machines.

Tachyon (2014)

The second release was Tachyon. It where made between December 2013 and February 2013. It released also as extended Edition with additional bonus material.

Terraformer (2014)

Tachyon was immediately followed by Terraformer. Like Tachyon, Terraformer is a concept album.

The Void (2014)

The Void was released in October 2014. It contains horror themed tracks.

Fragments of Bach

During creation of Tachyon the first Fragments of Bach where made. Fragments of Bach 1 is Electronic music made with melody fragments of Johann Sebastian Bach. There where made two other Tracks called Fragments of Bach 2 and 3 until now.

Other releases

There where several other releases which where released as single tracks like Fabienne, Skigymnastik and Neon Drive 84. The latter was originally produced for New Retro Wave exclusively.