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Compilerbau (Rudi Koller) is an electronic music producer located in Landshut, Germany. His first Album (Talking Machines) was released in September 2013, followed by Tachyon in February 2014. He created his first small computer program with age of 10 and his first lo fidelity synth tunes with a Cassette Recorder, a Casio CZ1000 and a Korg KR55 Drum Machine when he was 12.

Between 2003 and 2010, when composing music as a hobby, he worked as a software developer, writing software for identification and automation purposes. After that, he turned to study electronic media (Audiovisuelle Medien) at Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart until 2013, concentrating on film technology and photography in the first place. During that period, he took a course in sound design, with the goal to create the audio design for a short movie.

As a result to this, he started to create more music again in the following month and after finishing his studies in Stuttgart, he started to work as a freelance Web developer and photographer while creating his first self-released Album Talking Machines, followed by Tachyon, Transformer and The Void. In 2015, he started to work as a media commissioner. In this period, he created the latest EP North Wall when being off work.